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2 Methods to Potty Train a Puppy

I have been potty training puppies ever since I was a child and there have been two methods that have worked the best for me. Depending on my lifestyle at the moment is what made me choose which method to use.

A few tips before we get started.

  • Be patient

  • Kennels are amazing tools

  • Catching them in the act is more effective than rubbing their nose in it later.

  • Potty pads are a great way to help accidents not get on your floor, but don't actually train the dog to go outside.

1st Method: Always There

This method is the most time consuming and will only really work if you are a stay at home kind of person. This method in my experience is also the most effective. Set a timer on your phone every 20 minutes ( at least until you start learning their signs of needing to go out) to take them outside. This gets them use to going outside to use the restroom.

I personally like having the puppy sit with me until they need to go out to cut down on messes and to also bond easier with the puppy. Take the puppy out after they have eaten or have gotten water. Most puppies will need to go out directly after. Also most puppies are what I call two-poopers. When you take your puppy out they may pee once but then poop twice. So don't be too ready to pick your pup up and bring them back in after one bowel movement. They may need to go twice.

This method is also good in not missing any potential health problem such as worms or monitoring their breathing during sleeping. Rapid breath while sleeping is normal for a pup, but their breathing should go back to normal once they wake up.

2nd Method: Kennel Training

This method is for the more busy person. You will want to keep the puppy in a kennel until time to go out. Just like the 1st method they will need to be taken out every 20 minutes when you are home.

There are two ways of doing this, the first is by putting them back in the kennel after they have used the bathroom and have gotten something to eat. The other is by letting them out when you are home and leaving them out. How you decided to do this is up to you and what is right for your family. Just remember you want to shorten the kennel to give the puppy just enough room to turn around.

Dogs are actually pretty clean animals and den animals. If they have enough room they will use the bathroom in the kennel, but if they only have room to lay down then they will hold it until they are able to get out. Remember to expand the area as they grow.

It is important to remember that dogs do not understand when you have a day off or when weekends are. If you kennel train you need to keep their schedule the same when you do have days off. Kennel training will have your pup in the kennel for 16 or more hours a day. Eight hours during the night and eight while you are at work. When I had to kennel train, I would let my pups out to use the bathroom and let them run around for awhile because they don't get as much exercise otherwise.

Which ever way you choose or if you find a new way just remember that potty training them and keeping up with it will stick with your new pup.

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